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Global data Excellence

create sustainable businesses with a true AI you can talk with

Is a Swiss company, founded in 2007

Based in the heart of international Geneva, GDE has developed a unique AI platform integrating semantics and based on a system of Data excellence management (DEMS) which allows to govern by value.

DEMS is the first AI platform for organisational governance you can dialog with in natural language.


Created from the vision of a linguist and IT engineer, Dr Walid el Abed (founder & CEO) which dream was to build a better world where leaders could concentrate on building a sustainable future with the help of an excellence management / Governance system (DEMS).


After decades of scientific research, the ultimate reward is the satisfaction of so many clients worldwide and the many awards received from global organizations.



Through a strategic collaboration between ECCMA and Global Data Excellence (GDE), new standards were created, as ISO 8000.


Dr. Walid el Abed has more than 20 years of experience in working with global organizations and is a recognized international lecturer, visiting professor at renowned French and Swiss universities, as well as the author of several scientific and economic articles including white papers that are in international circulation.

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Guided by data and objectives

Dr. el Abed’s journey began in the 1990s when, as a student, he took a keen interest in the prospect of automating the dialogue between man and machine. This interest led him to study linguistics and computer science. In 1995, Dr el Abed created Data Excellence Science, a study that integrates computer science, linguistics, business management and AI to process natural language (semantics) and transform it into IT language (code).

Dr el Abed’s scientific discipline is the foundation of the AI platform DEMS (Data Excellence Management System). Today, Data Excellence Science is taught in several leading universities in France and Switzerland such as the University of Franche-Comté, the University of Fribourg and the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers de Paris.

A revolutionary technology

In recent years, DEMS has become an attractive proposition for organizations and is considered a revolutionary technology in data and AI governance. “Currently, Global Data Excellence (GDE) is funded by the European Commission and in a very short period of time organizations from both the public and private sectors have invested in us. A major driver of our success is the time to value production, which is currently unmatched in the industry,” explains Dr Walid el Abed.

Marc co-founded Global Data Excellence and serves as Head of Product, responsible for the roadmap, the technology and the development of the products. Prior to Global Data Excellence, Marc held several senior-executive roles in multinational companies like Come Computer, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, …

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Thomson CSF, and Cap Gemini.He has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry and his engineering experience encompasses both consulting services and product design. In the last 10 years, Marc was involved in building enterprise-scale business intelligence and master data management solutions. 

The team

    Dany Caetano

    Office manager

Alice chan

Marketing executive

Fanny rébuffat

Project Management


Thomas gossart

CEO Advisor

DR Stéphane Zrehen

Business Development


Claudine festa

Business Development



Senior Developer


Senior Developer


Senior Architect

Khawla hleihel

Executive Assistant


Development Team Leader


Dialogue between humans and machines

The DEMS concept emerged during Dr. Walid el Abed’s studies, when the idea of dialogue between humans and machines was in its infancy.

Development phase

Development of Data Excellence Science

Creation of GDE

Global Data Excellence SA is founded. Its mission: to develop a solution – a software – encompassing the science of Data Excellence allowing a dialogue between human or machine to maximize business performance.

DEMS 1.0

DEMS 1.0 is born. An application enabling data governance based on contextual intelligence

Gartner Report

In 2011, Global Data Excellence’s solution was recommended in the Gartner report “Magic Data for Data Quality Tools”. In 2012, it appears “in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Information Governance and MDM”.

DEMS 3.0

DEMS 3.0 comes out. It integrates a framework that allows the selection of data: e.g. priorities and business rules modelled financial impacts.

No. 1 provider of governance solutions

GDE has emerged as the leading provider of data governance solutions “that offers the widest coverage of functionalities as well as a methodology” (Peyret, 2017).

DEMS 4.0 - Govern by value

DEMS 4.0 is born and integrates “value governance” into the system and framework allowing companies and governments to maximize the business value of their data.