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The “Perpetual Excellence Community (PEC)” is a non-profit association based in Geneva composed of scientists from different fields of expertise. They work to create and develop a community promoting “perpetual excellence” at all levels of society. 

PEC’s objectives

Its objective is to aim for absolute respect in order to create the “ultimate value” by reconciling different dimensions: environmental, social and economic.

  • Create and develop a scientific network that promotes “value governance” as a pillar of “perpetual excellence”
  • Working to enable social units to govern by value in a data-driven global environment, ensuring sustainability and excellence, normative economic growth and quantifiable sustainable development planning
  • Promote educational change for individuals, businesses and societies and enable them to “govern by value”
  • Creating and sharing knowledge to optimize the use of resources and avoid duplication of effort

The Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Walid EL ABED – Founder of the association

  • Mr. Peter BENSON

  • Prof. Sylviane CARDEY-GREENFIELD

  • Dr. Aladar SEBENI

  • Mr. Pierre STRUBIN


GDE contributes to several special projects in collaboration with the PEC to help the world govern by value.

  • GDPR

  • DecRIPT

  • Resonate