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MICHELIN powered by DEMS to “Govern by Value”

  • 01 Mar 2016
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Michelin decided to be the FIRST CAC 40 powered by Data Excellence Management System (DEMS) to pioneer & lead ‘Govern by Value’ for perpetual excellence

Global Data Excellence is very proud to announce Michelin as the first strategic partner from the CAC 40 instrumentalizing the creation of a new world of excellence and value. By this decision Michelin becomes the premier enterprise of the CAC40 to adopt DEMS (Data Excellence Management System), registering in the history as a precursor in the perpetual excellence rush. DEMS confirms its prestigious renown and continues to be undeniably the collaborative software package systematizing excellence and governance by value. Global Data Excellence confirms that ‘excellence’ is not only a speech, by imposing its system worldwide as the unavoidable solution for the enterprises, organizations and governments seeking for it. The Genevan (GDE), thanks to its innovative system, exports the Swiss Excellence to the international, and affirms itself as the sole alternative for the digital era.

“Choosing DEMS for us is a wise decision embedded in Michelin’s strategy to govern and to maximize a sustainable economic value of the ‘data asset’. DEMS represents, for the group, a competitive and economical advantage enabling Michelin to distinguish itself from other enterprises that continue to invest in the traditional approaches to data quality and governance with no systematic link to the context of usage and of value creation” – M. Alain Dubost, DGSI – Head of Master Data Management, Michelin

“Having Michelin as a strategic partner honors the 20 years of research and development for the creation of a holistic software system designed for the enterprise of the data era. We congratulate Michelin team for this historical choice, and we continue the path to grow with our customers thanks to our strategy of innovation and excellence” – Dr Walid el Abed, CEO and Founder, Global Data Excellence