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a platform that talks natural language

to create sustainable businesses

Create sustainable businesses

DEMS is an AI platform built upon proprietary linguistic and IT models.

It allows a dialog between machine and human in natural language.

DEMS-Nixus is GDE’s management system, based on the philosophy of “govern by value™”.

It is a new AI generation that works on meaning and reasoning.


GDE transforms business management by providing a comprehensive platform that reconciles the entire eco-system of the organization.

DEMS is a supra-layer of software that works in any IT environment.


If it is known that data are to be valued, how many are able to make them relevant ?

The real progress is that the system allows you to exploit the Data according to the objectives or added value your organisation wants/needs to achieve.


Data are used in order to ease the flow of the enterprise towards the value to be created

GDE is the new generation of organisation Governance tool :

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-It reduces complexity – empowering leaders by allowing them to concentrate on strategy instead of trouble shooting

-It is continuously compliant, the system is constantly evolving

-It negates waste, cheating & corruption

-It promotes team work & collective intelligence

-It minimize the cost of business transformation by 80%



Introducing DEMS-Nixus the data excellence management system that allows to govern by value™.

The entire philosophy of the sustainable business of GDE relies on governance by value.

Therefore the first step is to define the objectives and the different values you want to maximise and you can do so in natural language.


Automatic connection of Data

DEMS-Nixus connects to all of the organization’s different data sources and analyzes their semantics. Then, the platform creates the DEMS-Nixus Verbatim, a commercial semantic, tailored and multilingual, glossary.

A platform speaking the same language as you

Dems-Nixus develops your business rules in natural language, and automatically  generates computer code that includes all aspects of data integration.

The platform replaces tedious processes with timely and contextually relevant insights.

First time right

The platform’s state-of-the-art AI generates forward-looking indicators based on pre-defined rules (these rules are the standards and laws by which the company operates).

These are measured by the Data Excellence Index (DEI) and the Key Value Indicators (KVI). These indicators promote a “first time right” culture, using existing infrastructure and resources to isolate opportunities and risks.


It is estimated that by 2025 there will be 175 zettabytes of data on the planet, or 175 trillion gigabytes of data. Every second, in every business, new data is created. It has an exceptional potential for value creation, but without the tools to understand and contextualize data, that potential remains untapped

Most companies only analyze 12% of their data.


+ Business Transformation

  • Client opportunity : reduce risks and improved safety (contracts, operations and market image)
  • GDE Key Value Indicator : productivity gain
  • Impact : Accelerate go-live and reduce costs by 50%

+ Business Excellence

  • Client opportunity : Reduce workload and guarantee value delivery

  • GDE Key Value Indicator : productivity gain 

  • Impact : Objects impacting the value

+ Compliance & financial excellence

  • Client opportunity : Comply with 40 FINMA’ s regulatory and compliance rules (contracts, products, customers, transactions)

  • GDE Key Value Indicator : Amount of client contracts

  • Impact : 21 Million non-compliant clients

+ Optimize procurement costs

  • Client opportunity : reduce procurement costs

  • GDE Key Value Indicator : production cost

  • Impact  : yearly saving 1 Billion USD Introducing