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DEMS for GDPR compliance

  • 15 May 2018
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The European Union regulation 2016/679 (on the protection of the natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, also known as the “GDPR”) imposes the highest compliance standard to date on the protection of personal data to virtually any person or legal entity in the world.

The substantive requirements, the extended rights of data subjects, the extraterritorial reach, as well as the very high sanctions threshold impose a high burden on any company, nonprofit organization, or even natural person that control the process personal data belonging to other data subjects. The burden is particularly high since we are all operating in an interconnected world where remote connections become the rule anywhere the digital identity of persons tends to prevail over their physical one.

The cost of ensuring GDPR compliance can be prohibitive notably for companies that operate with vast mountains of personal data or for entities that have financial needs to support a comprehensive human driven compliance assessment.


Plug and Comply

Data Excellence Management System (DEMS) offers a unique solution based on an automated artificial intelligence driven system, which allows IT systems to control the GDPR compliance themselves with very limited human intervention. The system relies on the understanding by the machine through controlled natural language of the rules of the GDPR and the linking of such rules with the data that exists or develops within the company.


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