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DEMS: leading product for data governance stewardship

  • 19 Jul 2017
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Source: Information Management


Information Management delivers the latest IT news, business technologies strategies and analysis about business intelligence, analytics and data management, including big data, business process management, cloud computing, master data management, data governance, and more…for business and information technology professionals.

On July 12th 2017, Information management posted an article about the 12 top products for data governance stewardship based on the Forrester Research wave report on “Data Governance Stewardship and Discovery Providers, Q2 2017: The 12 Providers That Matter The Most and How They Stack Up” authored by Forrester analyst Henry Peyret. This article is mentioning our product Data Excellence Management System© (DEMS) as one of the 12 leading products for data governance stewardship.

What is DEMS?

Data Excellence Management System© (DEMS) is a complete integrated cloud-based system (internal or external) that uses contextual intelligence based on artificial intelligence techniques and semantics to enable organizations to automate data governance, business excellence and analytics to accelerate the maximization of the business value of organization’ strategies and transactions while minimizing operational costs. It provides a factual value-driven collaboration that engages end-users from all levels in the ultimate value creation. It also helps your organization to manage data policies, to comply with evolving EU GDPR guidelines or any other regulation like FINMA.

DEMS fits the maturity of your organization functions and resources. It establishes accountability and responsibility throughout the organizational structure and links the data assets to the value flows to predicatively govern business strategies.