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Data Excellence Framework (DEF) is a full, non-invasive framework which describes the methodology, environment, processes and roles required to generate business value by improving business processes using data quality and business rules. The framework promotes a sustainable data governance culture of “first time right”, using existing infrastructure and resources. This framework is pragmatic and easy to implement. The framework ensures that all stakeholders in the organization are aware of the importance of data governance and its impact on businesses. The framework can produce a synergy by ensuring Data Excellence at every level of an organization.

The Data Excellence Framework focuses on generating business value of organization data. The execution of this framework delivers faster tangible business value, facilitates the collaboration between different functions and aligns with a long term sustainable Business Excellence vision.

The Data Excellence Framework helps you to answer the following critical questions:

  • What are the strategic goals in my organization?

  • What are the business excellence requirements to achieve these goals?

  • Who is accountable for the business excellence requirements?

  • What data is used to support those business excellence requirements?

  • What impact does the non-compliance of data with the business excellence requirements has on our business?

  • How can we prioritize fixing the data?

  • Who is responsible for fixing the data?

  • How do I maximize the business value of enterprise data?