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A network to promote sustainable value generation

Multiple international organisations, associations and universities are collaborating with GDE to promote the Data Excellence Science that will support the 3S concept “Simplify, Standardise and Share” as a data facility (Data Sharing Sphere).



Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA) collaborates with GDE to standardise, produce and promote a product for general and universal interest and use by operationalising the guiding concept 3S (Simplify, Standardise and Share). Moreover, ECCMA recognizes GDE’s software, Data Excellence Management System (DEMS) as the global standard platform for interoperability.

Together GDE and ECCMA is establishing a common Open Business Excellence Library (OBEL) under:

  • ECCMA ISO 22745 Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD)
  • ECCMA ISO 22745 Data Requirement Registry (eDRR)
  • ECCMA-2 the standard for the formatting and resolution of identifiers using ISO 22745
  • ECCMA Quality Identifier Registry (eQIR)

Université de Franche-Comté teaches “the Data Excellence Science”. It offers the “Data Excellence” Certification, Training and PhD program (included in the specialty Natural Language Processing (NLP)).

The Institute for International Business Law of the Fribourg University Law School teaches “the Data Excellence Science” enabling the shift into a data-driven society governed by value.