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Create sustainable businesses

GDE is an AI platform that has been build with IT and linguistics engineering.

Therefore it allows a dialogue between machine and man in natural language.

DEMS-Nixus is GDE’s management system, which philosophy relies on : governance by value.

It is a new Ai that works on meaning and reasoning.


GDE challenges business management by providing a comprehensive approach and system that reconciles the entire eco-system of the organization.

GDE software is a supra-layer which works with any IT environment.


If it is known that data are to be valued, how many are able to make them relevant ?

The real progress is that the system allows you to process the Data according to the objectives or added value your organization want/need to achieve.


Data are processed in such a way as to ease the flow of the enterprise towards the value to be created GDE is the new generation of organizations Governance tool : -It reduces complexity – empowering leaders by allowing them to concentrate on strategy instead of trouble shooting -It is continuously compliant, the system is constantly evolving -It negates waste, cheating & corruption -It promotes team work & collective intelligence -It minimize the cost of business transformation by 80% Example  client opportunity   reduce procurement costs GDE key indicator   value – production cost Impact  :   yearly saving 1 Billion USD


Global Data Excellence (GDE) assists organizations in their data valorization projects, data quality, data governance or data conversion with the support of a framework (DEF), a cloud-based platform (DEMS) and a maturity assessment tool (DEMA). GDE aims to revolutionize enterprise management by providing a global approach reconciling IT and business by maximizing the business value of enterprise data.