Business Excellence 2.0

GDE has the solution for you.

Data Excellence Management System

The best solution for driving data and business excellence throughout your organization

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Governance 2.0

GDE has the framework and stewardship application for you

Data Excellence Framework

The best way for developing and implementing data excellence in your communities

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Data Management 2.0

GDE has the best collaborative data sharing platform

Data Sharing Sphere

Your best partner to maximize your data knowledge management.
Make useful data available to the value creation resources

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Data Integration 2.0

GDE has the best data integration framework and system

Data Integration Solution

The best solution to manage merger and acquisition. An easy data integration with an external orchestration
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Global Data Excellence is the Data Excellence Company

GDE provides you with a product solution, Training and Certifications in Data Excellence

GDE designed and developed  the Data Excellence Management System © (DEMS) embedding the Data Excellence Framework© ( DEF)

Master your data skills !

GDE empowers you to data excellence


Discover our training program in Data Excellence to become a Data Master !

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Certify your Data Talent !

GDE permets you to obtain Data Excellence Certification


The best way to recognise your Data Management Skills !

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  • Our Training

  • Govern by Value

  • Business Excellence

  • Management

  • Community Management

  • Data Excellence

  • Aim of the Certifications

  • Know how to organise the internal structures to obtain a long-lasting governance.

  • Know how to define the value to be created and the rules for success.

  • Define the concept and positioning of data governance.

  • Understand and place your entreprise in the maturity model of Data Excellence

  • Define the value to be created and the rules of success.

  • Training and certifications locations

  • Geneva

  • Paris

  • Dubai

  • More places soon…

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“Global Data Excellence enables Governance Beyond Master Data”


“GDE has developed a very powerful visualization and management tool that allows companies to identify priorities and to monitor their progress in achieving data quality goals. This is very similar to our ECCMA Scoping Studies (ESS”


“We confirm our choice of GDE system and framework to maximize the value of our data”

Nunzio di Ruocco, State of Geneva

“DEF and DEMS help Friboug to improve the implementation and monitoring of a new legislation and enable the administration to avoid significant potential cost.”

Claudio Parmenzini, State of Fribourg

“Today we are experiencing DEF and DEMS for the Thermic Production Department. The positive results we have already obtained in collaboration with the Global Data Excellence team incite us recommended their system and approach”

Sylvain Nugier, EDF

“According to our experience, DEMS simplifies trade and impose the principle of unique identification of individuals and state’s assets. In light of the good experience and satisfaction with GDE, the Canton of Valais is recommending”

Canton of Valais

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